Note : I usually avoid writing on such a practical experience. But I decided to do so since I couldn’t find much notes by anyone else on this topic.

I dislike 2 kinds of tests :

  1. The ones which require you to memorize huge chunks of data for writing it out verbatim on to the paper.
  2. The ones which don’t give you the scope of testing in advance.


Recently I realized that the Learner’s License Test @ RTO Bangalore belongs to the 2nd category. Learnt it the hard way :(.
The small booklet given to you => Just the basic rules of the road.
You need to go on the net & learn things on your own !
The ambiguous nature of the questions can cause a lot of misunderstandings too.

I have been told by my friends that the whole thing exists to encourage people to take the easy way out – Bribing. Governmental offices here in India are notorious for being the least user friendly place ever. Getting things done by an agent/tout leads to a hassle free experience for sure.
But I was determined to clear the exam on my own…& managed to do it too – though only by the 3rd attempt πŸ˜€

I decided to blog on my experience here so as to help others in getting their LL done without facing too many difficulties.

Place : RTO Bangalore

Purpose : Get Learner’s License

Things to do : Fill the form + pay the nominal amount (Rs 30) + have your Identity proof & Address proof attested by the RTO officer + Give the written examination (15 min).

Best time to visit : Weekday mornings.

Exam details : 15 questions to be answered in 15 min. Passing : 10/15

Useful Sites for Studying :

  1. 137 Questions Set : Either Single page OR User Friendly 25 Questions set (Change url from 1-6 to visit each set)
  2. Additional 85 Questions set
  3. Road Signs

Some Questions which I faced in my tests (The ones mostly not present in the links above. I have added my comments in red.) :

  1. List in order of preference : [Preference of Life I hope ? πŸ˜• ]
    1. Vehicle, Animal, Human
    2. Animal, Vehicle, Human
    3. Human, Animal, Vehicle
  2. What do the given signs draw attention to (Slippery road sign & Loose Gravel road sign)?
    1. Brakes
    2. Steering
    3. Clutch
  3. In a 2 way lane there is a slow vehicle ahead of you. Road is clear for overtaking You should : [Answer is given in the 85 sample set above. But still not clear why ? :-|]
    1. pass the vehicle from the left hand side
    2. pass the vehicle from the right hand side
    3. pass the vehicle from any convenient side.
  4. Number of hand signals for a driver : [Easy answer but caught me off guard. :mrgreen: ]
    1. 4
    2. 5
    3. 6
  5. Who has the authority to change the regulations of the road?
    1. RTO
    2. Police
    3. Central Government
  6. If the right turn is prohibited then a U – turn is also prohibited. [Tricky question for some1 with no practical experience. ]
    1. True
    2. False
  7. When should you give the right of passage to an approaching ambulance ? [Still not sure of the answer ? ❗ ]
    1. Never
    2. When the siren & top light are activated.
    3. When the siren & top light are activated OR there is patient inside.
  8. Color of Learner’s sign on a vehicle is :
    1. Red on yellow.
    2. Red on white.
    3. Black on White.
  9. The correct way of taking a U – Turn is :
    1. Center of your road to left of the other road.
    2. Center of your road to center of the other road.
    3. Right of your road to center of other road.
  10. Overtaking is permitted only when :
    1. Vehicle in front of you slows down.
    2. Vehicle in front of you gives sufficient right space.
    3. Owner of the vehicle in front of you gives the appropriate gesture to overtake.
  11. Vehicle will not be seized when you do not have :
    1. Driving License.
    2. Registration certificate.
    3. Insurance papers.
  12. What is the given sign ? (Rectangular signboard with couple of names of places along with distance given one below the other)
    1. Re-assurance sign.
    2. Direction sign.
    3. Destination sign.
  13. Loud horn has to be used compulsorily for :
    1. Incline & Decline
    2. Left & right curves
    3. Both
  14. Fill in the blank : “It is not allowed to go in ___ direction on a one way road”
    1. Reverse.
    2. Same.
    3. Opposite
  15. Correct Driving near a high court :
    1. Horn & proceed cautiously.
    2. Drive slowly without overtaking.
    3. Don’t horn & don’t overtake.
  16. Correct Driving near a temple :
    1. Horn & proceed cautiously.
    2. Drive slowly without overtaking.
    3. Don’t horn & don’t overtake.

Special Note : The supervising inspector was a helpful guy who encouraged me to try harder after I flunked the 1st time. Even told me to take more than the usual 15 min to answer the exam if needed.

I passed the test in my 3rd attempt with 12/15 marks. Could have got full…but for some careless mistakes on my part.

The whole list of chores can be accomplished within an hour IF you are 1 of the early birds on a weekday morning.

Thats my note on this topic. Hope it serves its purpose.

I would love to hear to hear more about such questions. So feel free to add to the list via comments !

94 thoughts on “RTO Learners License Test Experience

  1. Good one as usual.
    One thing I fail to understand.. Why did u give the test? Is it mandatory ??

    When I got my license many years back, I got my LL without any test and finally got my license based on only my driving. I did join a driving school which might have helped me.

    1. Thanks Kunal πŸ™‚
      In Mumbai, they don’t conduct the written test even though its mentioned in the small print that you are supposed to pass the test. In Blore its compulsary. Though those who come here via driving schools are allowed to skip it (bribing I guess).


  2. Nice one dude! Took the test today and got 7/15.

    Useful links, will study and try to clear the darn thing tomorrow, BTW how many attempts are allowed?

  3. I have also given the written test, and failed also, most of them are confusing: for example:
    For taking left turn you will rotate your _______________ anticlock wise.
    a) right hand b) left arm c) right arm.
    I chose option a) right hand. but it turn out it’s wrong. According to exam inspector c) right arm is the correct answer.

    One more question:
    Q) You cannot park you vehicle at the entrance of __________.
    a) Police Station b)Fire Station c) both a & b
    I chose c), which seems correct answer to me. but again according to exam inspector correct answer is b).

    One last question:
    Q) Distance between towing vehicle and other vehicle should be :
    a) 5 or more b) 5 meter c) 5 meter or less.
    I chose b), alas this was also wrong, according to exam inspector a) is the correct answer.

    Going to try one more time on my own, lets see what will happen.

    1. Hi ! frnd I.know u might have passed LL test n got Dl aswell by now ..but have opinion to share .. I have gone individualy without th help of Broker..I have given th test at Yeshwanthpur Rto (Bangalore ) n those inspectors n coordinators are all disgusting..I saw 1 of th dark man who’s a coordinator helping a guy & ladies in front of Rto officer n a police.( they r all bribe minded ) . I have given th test today 2nd attempt, I had made good preparation by studying through th Rto booklet..N I had got same questions like ur’s ,maybe it was same book let no. Just want to know wats ur suggestion on this.

    2. For last question the vehicle act seems to suggest the answer is C).

      “When a motor vehicle is being towed by another motor vehicle the clear distance between the rear of the front vehicle and the front of the rear vehicle shall at no time exceed five meters.”

  4. Did my LL test on Sept 27 got 5/15
    Did my second LL test on Sept got 9/15
    Still failed,
    I applled for grearless motor and they are giving question for car,
    One such stupid question is what is the size or height of ‘L’ 16,18,20, can some one tell me
    Will inform when i pass
    RTO Jayanagar, Bagnalore (above bus stand)

  5. Went to the test, the examiner asked me to go for oral test, i showed my marks of previous attempts, he directed to next room for oral test.
    I was a seated in a room with continuously inflowing of candidates numbered up to 70 ! in small room.
    Waited for 1.3 hrs for the superintendent to arrive, at last he came.
    He was young chap, looks with good command on english.
    I was called 3rd (when early in morning), he pointed towards a three diagrams on the table and I explained what they stand for, correctly, I choose to buy a gear-less vehicle (Honda Activa) he asked me, ‘you want gear-less’ I said yes I’m buying a gear-less vehicle, He took back the application form (signaling to go).
    I asked a staff outside the room when will I received my LL to my shock, he said it take one week and come next week same day to receive my LL.
    Will blog when i received it.

    1. valid for 6 months. I was not knowing the same, and took a new challan second time. But now i came to know that it is valid for 6 months

  6. this post is soo helpful and soo true.. i failed in my LL test and i have to go again tomorrow.. but i want to know if i need to fill anoder form 2, get my documents signed again or go straight to the test place?? reply asap

    1. You have to go to the RTO & fill the form again but this time lesser details are needed since the initial details are already fed into the computer system (check with your RTO on this).
      Once they take the form, you can ask them as to when you can retake the test.
      I was able to give the test some 2 hrs after the form (as per the test timings)

  7. Thanks a lot. you have no idea how much this has helped me. however i didnt finish in a day.
    someone told the office {RTO Yeshwanthpur} would be open till 5 pm so went around 3 o’clock came to know that the LL test is taken from 10 – 12 only.

    the next day i went, took the challan only to be stopped at the front desk. they wouldnt accept my ICICI bank statement as address proof. since i stay in a rented house my passport and voters id have the previous address. they asked me to get a notary for address proof. one fo the girls showed me the agent on first floor { office is on second floor } he took 150 rs and asked me to come in the eve/ another day gone. this was on thurs 24th, fri, sat and sun holiday.

    mondaty was easier, got the notary and thankfully they accepted my challan from thursday, wrote the test, got 10 marks they asked me to come back the next day at 4.30 and take the LL.
    once i knew i had passed i made my way out didnt go back to see what was right and what was wrong.
    Anyways thanks once again.

  8. Rohit thanks for d info and d interest u have taken in sharing us d different blogs. This really helps!

  9. Hi,
    I cleared the written test. the person who conducted the test, told me to come next saturday and collect the LL between 4 to 5 pm. but he has not given me any acknowlegement. is this right procedure or he just told like that to waste my time

      1. in the blog it was mentioned , people after getting LL, they collected on the same day evening .. but for me the RTO person ask to come 1 week later, is that right ?
        does any one faced same thing

  10. Hi all,,,

    Thanks for all the comments. All were very useful.
    I attended the learners licence test today in K R Puram RTO,,,, experience of visiting that office is as usual pathetic….One thing is for sure,,, Our Country will never come up,,, if people like this exist..!!!!!And about my test,,,,as all guessed,, i was failed… got 8/15….!! Supposed to go tomorrow again and I don’t no when will I finally get my LL….!!

    Can i take LL test online…? after failing the written test in the first attempt….?? Pls let me know if possible….!

  11. I went to Pune RTO office to apply for Learners License with form Filled by myself. Strange Officer rejected application asking for local address proof required where i had already attached ‘Notarized Leave license agreement’, employer letter, Police verification certificate & light bill of property owner, according to me i have presented all docs of permanent & temporary address with IDs. what else is required for address proof as i am permanent residence of Maharashtra itself & living here in pune (pimpri) as tenant.

    1. You need either a notarized residency agreement or some govt issued document having your name & local address. Light bill won’t work since it doesn’t have your name.

  12. Thanks for the post. While it helped me prepare well, it did not change the mind set of the officials validating my test responses πŸ™‚ Test & Validation is done manually in Bangalore R.T.O and computer-based test. First test 9/15 with first 9 all correct and the rest marked all incorrect (Obvious result Fail). Officer validating did not bother to my request of showing the answer sheet once and asked me to go check with my driving motor school. Hope to reattempt the test and see if the person changes his mind.

  13. Well great that you tried 3 times and succeded :).May I know in which RTO of blr u applied.I had a bad experience at RTO Yelahanka.
    There was no written test conducted for anyone .Inspector orally asked me the road sign which I told and then he asked me section 112,113,….etc .
    Now I am thinking to go any other good RTO…

  14. Nice article! Wish I read it b4 taking the LL as I least expected to fail, though along with bunch of 10 other people from the same school n felt so depressed,

    My thoughts on bangalore RTO tests.
    – It’s complete eye wash n a clear indicator of how govt officers will behave if their bribing is restricted! I was well prepared for the test and read some 300 odd questions and was upto date on my hand signals n road signs, which I believe is what is required at a learner level.
    – the guy who decides on the oral or written category, just glances at the face of people and makes the decision (what the heck). The lady b4 me hardly knew much of what I knew, yet got her LLR the same day with just 2 questions…whereas I had to write a test which had questions like, are you under influence of drug if u had cannabis? Am I supposed to familiarise with the drug names too. ridiculous!

    N the person who corrects ur question n answers (first of all, I wish he had some basic manners n not act like a rude professor..jus a govt job gives them such head weight) does it so fast, that u feel he may have mistaken a number
    or deliberately made it an 8 when there were some 9 answers.would you dare to ask for a re evaluation in a govt office?

    Finally, the way the force you to buy a book for 30 bucks after ur passed the test.
    Again, nobody who passed the test would say no, fearing other issues!

    Where are we heading? I hope these people realise n work better for the sake of karma at least!

  15. Hey I gone sterday for took licenc . I failed.
    But now they r conducting oral test . not written. Very nervous on that time they simply asked 2 questions.not even gave chances to correct so sad. Going for re-test tmrw..
    Anyway thank u for ur advice buddy.!!!

  16. Bad experience at rto yelahanka,bangalore .
    1)No computerized test.Only oral.
    2)Can’t get LL without going through agent.
    3)I cleared the test but after 7 days they asked to come again after 7 days bcoz I am trying to get it without agent.

  17. Experience with Jnana bharati RTO – Mysore Road :
    for LL without approaching any agent / school:

    >Entire office was filled with more agents than actual candidates on 5th april, saturday !!!
    > Test was done orally asking to explain few traffic sign boards & manual hand signals
    > No confirmation whether i have passed / failed the test. I believe if the application is given back, then its failed
    > People with seals of Driving schools were not being asked many questions!!! not very consistent though
    > Many I could find were being LL on the spot through agents.. I was told it will be delievered in the evening between 4.30 – 5.30 pm but after 3-5 days…
    > Please note the change in procedure.. Now LL will be issued with SLA of upto 7days .. Same day issue is no more!!!!

  18. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and the links. It helped me pass the LL test as I knew what to expect!

  19. i joined mandovi motors (maruti driving school), haralur road. i took learner test for car on 9 jul 2014. it was objective with 15 ques. 10 correct to get passed. following link helped me a lot which i studied before taking test. Also learn all mandatory, informatory, warning road signs and symbols

  20. I went to the test today. It was an oral test after document verification. ( Originals were checked for verification). I waited in the test room along with other 20-30 applicants for about 30 minutes for my turn. I wast asked two straightforward but comparatively difficult question. Actually the guy before me failed the test and was giving a retest by jumping the line. I answered the question which he could not. he failed the test again and i passed. πŸ˜‰

  21. Dear sir greeting
    I had driving licence for 4 Wheeler and two wheeler but I lost it . They gave me two wheeker licence .for four wheeler licence they told me to re as your guidance could I request to apply 4 wheeler Lr andDL.
    Please kindly look in the matter
    John LS.

  22. Hi guys! planning to take the exam this week. Can you tell me between jayanagar and Koramangala RTOs, which would be better the take the test from? I am planning to go by myself, not through a driving school

  23. I went today to RTO(ypr) failed in LL test,i din’t know that the signs are hung on the wall. Now i will have to again tmrw. What’s the procedure?. Plz tell me updated one bcoz now the LL process is online.
    Reply ASAP.

  24. today I went RTO electronic city , & failed in ll written exam.I scored 5/15.the question were realy confusing.going back on Monday for re exam …god knows what will happen on Monday.

  25. Hey Guys,

    Thanks everyone for sharing their views.I cleared LL exam in 2nd attempt.In first attempt, I got confused between “Rotating Right Hand Anti-Clock-Wise” & “Rotating Right Arm Anti-clock-wise” for signalling left turn.I said “Right Hand” and guess what “Failed”:(

    Well in daily-talking language (among friends), we generally say “Right Hand” but technically as per RTO its “Right Arm”.So be careful about the terminology used in RTO language.

    One more thing at RTO office, people itself are very confused.I asked same question to two different Officer’s and got to hear two different answers.Consider a situation where you answered Option-A in front of Officer-X and cleared the exam.But it might happen that Officer-Y will have different view on that and he may reject you.So do your part and hope for the best because you never know;)

    What I have observed,If you apply traffic rules on Bangalore-Traffic then for sure 90% people license will be cancelled.But don’t go by them, do your part with sincerity.

    I hope below links will help you guys:

    Click to access Qbank.pdf

    Click to access Q_Bank_eng.pdf

    All the best! Drive Safe…Not for Yourself but for Your Mom Dad waiting for you.
    Have a look at:

  26. Today I went for LL test at RTO , Indiranagar…Worst checking of test papers. Inspite of giving the answers correctly, I failed..I went through the answer booklets from RTO & other sites and find that the answers given by me were absolutely correct but still I failed….

    1. Atleast you gave a test then they failed.In RTO Yelahanka they took a oral test and then failed me .Bloody corrupted employee..:(

  27. I am very much disappointed with this people, they simply crossed all the correct answers!!!! What is the guarantee of passing in others attempts. If their mood is ok then only I think they will check correctly…

  28. Even my experience was very similar but in Mumbai and the only difference being we had to answer 20 questions in 15 mins. I flunked last week for the same obvious reasons. Others who passed was only coz of their sheer luck. We were 50 of them who appeared for the test and only 15 passed that too with just passing marks which is 12marks. Anyways..thanks for sharing your experience and considering this topic for writing. I would like to know the answers for the above questions.

  29. Thanks for the info Rohit.
    But, the Additional 85 Questions link is not working. Throwing an 404 error.
    Do you have any other link for it?

  30. Hello All,

    Today i have given my LL test and passed with 14/15 from Electronic city RTO. I have not gone with any agent/driving school. But still all the process was very clear and in a systematic manner.

    1)Submit online application.
    2)Pay 30/- in counter
    3)Get the docs attested by the officer(Age proof, address proof and filled online form with passport size photo)
    4)They will redirect you to room no 3 for bio metric(photo and signature taken)
    5) Then to room no 3A for LL test.

    LL test is very much organized and its a computer based exam. Total 15 questions and all the questions are easy and available in the above mentioned sites.

    Hope the DL test will also be same πŸ™‚ All the best for all who is preparing for LL.

    Learn all the traffic signs. Also refer below sites

    Click to access Q_Bank_eng.pdf

  31. Hi ,I wrote a test in Yeswantpur RTO and got my LL , but thats now expired ..and asked to write the test again, can anyone tell me if i am allowed to write the test in KR Puram RTO? and do they conduct the Learning license test in that RTO?

  32. Could you paste the links for questions paper/guide in one of the comment,it’s hard to find it from mobileπŸ˜•

  33. Hi,

    Like most of the people here, I got an 7/15. I wasn’t aware that the test is on the same day and I was asked to give a written test. Highest corruption, whereas the rest of them who had come to through just directly went to the oral round. Do I have to fill another form again to give the re-test?

    1. Today I went to an RTO and that guy apparently asked me motor vehicles act. As in what does act no. 121, 125 do and state it. I mean, wasn’t that more like a history school question? I was expected to memorize all of them and state it. And because I didn’t, I was failed.

  34. Rohit,
    Thank you very much for your post. I do hope it will encourage applicants to go to the RTO, and make the process work, rather than going the easy way out wherein the driving schools bribe RTO. Your post brings some simplicity to a what should be a straightforward process that is quite “convoluted” by the RTO. Keep up the good work!

  35. Thanks Rohit for the post. unfortunately i saw this on the day i gave my LL test in Jnanabharathi RTO. Coud have gone better prepared and less tensed if i came across ur post earlier. Anyways i passed the test with 10/15.
    Can anybody please tell me what is the procedure for issuing DL? Is it just the driving test, i.e., drive thru the 8-shaped track? Or are any questions asked too?

  36. Thanks a ton for the post Rohit. My query is, What is the procedure for issuing DL?
    Are the same kind of questions asked again?

  37. Before opting for a Learner’s License, I joined a Driving Class and then slowly and gradually came to know about various car parts and their functioning. I went for the driving test after leaning how to drive a car properly. I cleared the test with flying colors.

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