Its been a while since I went through my stash of old movies….so saw some of them today.

I was feeling quite bored today. Wanted to see a movie which would surely cause a burst of emotions getting me out of boredom. So obviously it was time for an Alfred Hitchcock movie 🙂

Hitchcock’s most famous movies are ‘Psycho’, ‘North By Northwest’, ‘Vertigo’ & ‘Notorious’. I had already seen them. My search led to Rear Window & Rope.

Viewing the typical Hitchcock traits – Long scenes, great camera angles, the director’s cameo, intriguing storyline, subtle side plots, witty conversations & off course the one moment filled with sheer anxiety….It was excellent !

His movies usually have no special effects (typical of movies made in those days), no glitzy locales. The focus is primarily on the actors & their abilities & off course the art of story telling. Its something which we don’t usually see in present day movies.

I especially love the lengthy scenes which requires the actors to truly be at their best….hard to imagine how they memorize every line, every emotion & get the timing right so well. 1 mistake & the whole scene has to be shot all over again.
(Note : There are modern day directors who still shoot lengthy scenes. Eg : Quentin Tarantino)

Seeing Hitchcock’s movies is 1 thing. But I would never see the ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ TV series. The movies usually had decent endings…maybe due to the Production Code which existed back then. But the TV series usually leaves with you with a sad ending…something which I avoid 🙂

Ok…back to studies now…

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