Just kidding…the answer is obviously “To Blog !” else I wouldn’t be here 🙂

Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.

John Archibald Wheeler

It has been 896 days since my last post (thanks to this site for the calculation !).

There have been a lot of changes for me the past year. Additional responsibilities @ work is the primary change around which I lost track of time. I love my line of work (I am a software guy!) so it was natural for me to immerse myself in it.

Unfortunately it made me lose touch with some of the other things I like – blogging, reading, working out etc.

But after a big change in my daily life (more on that in my next post), I have been able to turn things around & organize life to be able to devote time to all the activities I love.

So I am back !

How it should have ended

ps : Go ahead & click on the image – Its hilarious !

I have learnt a lot in this time – my quest for knowledge has just gotten better.
There is an urgent need to jot it down for myself as well as others who might like it.

So more on that starting this week !

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