Remember your old college lectures ? Off course you do ! Am sure there were teachers who made things mighty interesting. But this entry concentrates more on those who made life as dreary as possible during the brief times of interaction 🙂 .

There are some of us who are stuck in jobs we don’t like. Jobs which don’t cater to our interests but which have to be done to fulfill long term commitments or necessities.
The teachers who don’t teach well ..who perform the act of teaching merely by stating facts are probably people stuck in such situations.

I remember an interesting incident that occurred back in college. During such a teacher’s class, all the students were busy chatting. All except a friend of mine who was sitting on the front desk. He was the only one glued to his book writing something. The teacher , instead of altering his teaching techniques, decided to make him as an example for the others to show them that they weren’t good students. He silenced the class & pointed out to my friend as the ideal student taking notes.
When the book was examined, we saw that it was full of doodles. You can imagine the thunderous laughter that echoed through the corridors at that moment 😀

I decided to write on this particular topic cause I met someone similar recently. Had gone out with a friend to some bike showrooms. The salesman at most of the showrooms were clearly people who didn’t care much about their work quality. They just mentioned already known facts of the bikes & didn’t even try much to make a good sales pitch.
The contrast was obvious at the ‘Yamaha’ showroom where the salesman welcomed us & fed us intricate details of the bikes on display. If God is truly in the details, then this was surely a temple ! Even a live demo was provided to show what the bikes were capable of…never mind my fear when the bike was accelerating to a scary pace 😛

My point is simple – Even if someone is stuck in a job he/she doesn’t like , one should give it their best. Think of it as a challenge where you have to be better than everybody else.

Take the case of a restaurant. The way a server/waiter talks & conducts the whole ritual of taking your order & serving it always fascinates me since I often think of how I would have done it differently. Knowledge is power. Perhaps knowing everything about the menu/food served & keeping track of the response it gets would be a good starting point. Talking politely & helping the customer reach his decision adds to the whole dining experience. The place would definitely benefit by the customer’s satisfaction. And the compliments you would eventually get from the manager & the customers would surely benefit you.

So if you are one of the unlucky ones who had to compromise on your interests, I won’t tell you to follow your dreams. Not everyone has the luxury to do it.
But remember that everything happens for a reason. Even if we can’t comprehend things in the long run. Make the best of the situation…no matter what – keep improving.

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