Its been a month or so since my last post…That either means I have been too lazy or I have too many things keeping me busy in life. Well thankfully, its been the latter case.

The new bike is taking a lot of my time. Getting confident to drive in public + trying to reach a decent milestone (as far as distance covered goes) before handing over the bike for its 1st service has kept me on my toes all month !
Now that its done, I can come back to my usual routine…or new ones !

Some of the things I am contemplating :
-> Finish some of my blog drafts 😀
-> Alter my daily routine to spend some serious time on fitness (After effects of watching ‘Rocky’ [1+2] after such a long time :D)
-> Write up a ‘Newbie Biker’ mini series on my blog….something to laugh back on for the future 😛

Oh..almost forgot ! What forced me back to write a hurried post? Well a fellow blogger has nominated me for 2 Blogging Awards – ‘The Sunshine Award’ & ‘The Inspirational Blogger Award’.
Tradition dictates that I follow the protocols laid down to honour this kind gesture.

Some Background :
As an award winner, there are a few rules to follow:

  1. Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
  2. Answer questions which give an insightful view of you (7 for the Sunshine award & 5 for the Inspiration blogger award) .
  3. Pass on the award to other fabulous bloggers, link their blogs, and let them know you awarded them.

I have been nominated by Ned from the blog –
Ned’s blog is 1 of the first few blogs I followed. Reading a single post from his blog makes you feel like you are reading many other blogs….he jumps from 1 topic to the other…definitely not my style…maybe thats why I follow his blog keenly !
His blog definitely adds a whole lot of meaning to my own quest which is also the name of my own blog – Quest 4 Knowledge 🙂

Insightful Answers

  1. I love visiting new places.
  2. I love reading stories of Good vs Evil…like mythological stories…love rooting for the underdog (the ‘good’ as usual).
  3. I love watching TV shows which belong to the genres of : humour, mystery.
  4. I stay away from romantic songs/movies cause they actually work on me 😐
  5. Since I am a chess player, I always think of possible outcomes to every move….which is why you won’t see me wading deep in the ocean/sea…too many unknown parameters there 😛
  6. Its very difficult to make me lose my temper (maybe due to the above reason?)
  7. I have a great long term memory….I love remembering tiny things about the past …about my childhood etc…which is why I really fear Alzheimer’s disease.

Pass on the SunShine Award
I can’t pass on the award to the few blogs I follow…simply cause its only been a couple of weeks or so since I followed them…while others have stopped updating their blog for the past few months….it won’t be fair to the award nor to them. I can think of only a single blog which had a significant impact on me in such a short time :

Pass on the Inspirational Blog Award
I am beat here…lessons on life…thats something few blogs have…& I haven’t found those blogs yet except 1…Ned’s blog is the only blog I can mention here…if it was allowed to nominate him again 😦

5 thoughts on “Forced to Post :P

  1. Rohit….ha! Thanks, but I’m now in the midst of dealing with the 78 emails that came in after my ISP was down for about 16 hours….it could be days before I get caught up… but I do appreciate the re-nomination… I try to inspire…. something, anything… my only fear is to NOT cause someone to have some reaction, any at all…maybe that’s why I throw so much out there… increases the odds that something will stick…. 🙂 Take care, & welcome back to real-time….

    1. You are welcome !
      ps : “I never been nominated in my entire life so this is such a cool experience hahaha!” – That made me laugh big time.. Thx 🙂

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