There was a time when I was sick of the television…..the quality of the TV shows made here was really bad !
Back here in India, they make shows catering to the family audience….or rather the ‘housewives’. No…you shouldn’t imagine something like ‘Desperate Housewives’. The shows here usually revolve around a family…..which breaks apart after some form of mis-communication which is usually spread by some devious person. This standard format is repeated almost everywhere…..& the audience laps it up all the time!

That was when ‘Star World’ came to the rescue for me….they had shows like ‘X-Files’,’Frasier’ (Subtle crisp lines), ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, ‘That 70s Show’, ‘Friends’….shows which had great story…& characters which one roots for.

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The best thing about the shows are that they follow the ‘season’ system. The stories are scripted such that it is distributed into seasons. That gives the show writers some breathing space to write strong story lines as well as gives the network guys to decide whether to extend the show to another season or not.
Back here they dont follow any such system….1 show runs throughout the year(or years!)….if the channel likes the response its getting,they ask the show to continue for 30-50 more episodes….the writers then extend the story further….ruining its strong plot….the show then runs like a rudderless boat ….with people like me waiting for its eventual sinking.

Nowadays the TV content here has improved a little by reality shows which are the Indian versions of ‘American Idol’,’Big Brother’ etc. But the daily soaps are still bad.
The humorous shows on Tv have somehow dried up….but the shows of other categories have some fantastic content – ‘Lost’, ‘Monk’, ‘Castle’ etc. My cousin told me about this show which isnt on…but was called ‘Numb3rs’ ….was so hooked on to it that I am downloading entire seasons of it now….one gets to learn a lot about Maths in it.

That should be the base aim of every show I feel – to teach the audience something new…something fresh.

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    1. You are right ! Its been a while since I caught up with Homer & his family….so totally forgot abt it. The Simpsons deserve a topic of their own 🙂

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