On the 5th of April 2010, I had a dream in which I was writing poetry. I started after that 😐

Its my longest poem yet. Its also my favourite one as it holds the strongest message compared to all the previous ones.
I always think of life & its meaning…of hope…of destiny when I look at the vast ocean. That is why I chose this picture to represent the poem.

Creative Commons License
Rohit‘s Poetry.

The Journey
The purpose of life
Its nothing but a mystery.
We are free to do what we want
Thats the judgement of history.

But most people are clueless
They live without a plan.
Money is their only goal
Thus they spend their entire lifespan.

Life isnt a destination
As a journey, its a far truer picture.
Do not ruin your present
For a very uncertain future.

Each step is an improvement
Your goal should be such.
The present & the future
Both of them should be in touch.

The road is difficult
You shall meet both – Joy & Pain.
Embrace them to get stronger
Whilst others survive with such dreary means as cocaine.

Live life the right way
Don’t be content with a vague existence…
Make a difference by walking out there
Take this single shot with an almighty vengeance !


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