I saw the movie Shrek Forever After (3D) recently…& I simply had to write about it 😀

The Shrek movie series is based on the late William Steig’s picture book, Shrek! But the makers really made it their own by extending the humorous look of the author to other fantasy stories.

I can never forget the way famous fictional characters like Pinocchio, The three little Pigs, Puss in Boots ,the three blind mice, Fairy God Mother & The Gingerbread Man are portrayed.
We have seen these characters through the lens of tragedy & malice in their own traditional stories…but the Shrek series showed a whole new way to view them.

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Shrek 4 didn’t disappoint. Since it was the last part of the series (pray why ? 😦 ), I had a lot of expectations from this 1…& it lived up to its billing.
Continuing its trend to review the way classic characters are seen, Rumpelstiltskin was introduced. And what a way to show him…eccentric & evil , he made for a superb villian (loved the way he kept changing his wigs!).
The surprise entry of the legendary 16th century character ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’ added to the fun. I really wished they would have given much more depth to his character (like they did for Puss in Boots in the 2nd Shrek movie)…but I really cant complain…cause that would mean taking the spotlight away from the fav 3 characters : Shrek, Donkey & the cute fat Puss in Boots !
The popularity of the Shrek series had somewhat declined …with Shrek 3 being the least liked from all of them…but I hope Shrek 4 will change that trend….with a reboot to the whole story, they reminded us of the original Shrek movie…which led to a great dejavu feeling 🙂 .

I do hope they don’t stick to the whole ‘Final Chapter’ line for Shrek…..but there is still hope….a prequel on ‘Puss in Boots‘ is slated for release in Nov 2010 !

ps : I also saw Ironman 2 …but it was ok…great action+effects but it doesnt stay with you like the Batman movie series.

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