On the 5th of April 2010, I had a dream in which I was writing poetry. I started after that 😐

This poem virtually wrote itself…the thoughts inscribed here came as I saw the room while resting.
I intend it to be short & simple….somehow it seems just right.

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Rohit‘s Poetry.

The Lit Room

After a long tiring day As I head to rest,
Surrounded by a maze of thoughts , my mind is put to the test.
Amidst much chaos I see it through the window slit,
Piercing through the darkness, I see a room well lit.

Slowly the haze begins to clear
A tiny bit of hope begins to appear.
Someone out there is forging his own way
Unlike others before him, He isnt the the usual cliche.

The lit room exists to give one hope
It has always existed to help others cope.
Even in the realms of darkness, it will be hidden somewhere
The source of your strength…you will find it there.

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