Chances are that one has grown curious about this device after viewing the new ads on TV. People in my family got so excited that we started placing bets regarding the price of the device !
Some info regarding the new Sony W-Series Walkman – NWZ-W202 :

Price : 69$(US) / Rs.4990(India)
Memory : 2 GB
Playback Duration : 12 Hours Min
Charging Mode : USB
Charging Duration : 30 min
Weight : 35g
Supported Formats : AAC, MP3, WMA, Protected WMA (DRM)
System Requirements : Windows XP/Vista
Advantages :
  • Excellent audio quality.
  • Very light Player.
  • Very simple controls (which exist in the right earpiece.)
  • Good Battery life of 12+hrs.
  • Comfortable.
  • Shuffle mode + Sequential mode available.
DisAdvantages :
  • Music management (Zappin feature of song preview can be better. Ipod’s VoiceOver feature should be seen.)
  • Dependancy on Sony’s Content Transfer software for transferring music (needed 4 Zappin feature usage.)
  • No Radio.

My Conclusion : Fantastic device which should impress everyone.
But I will wait for the next version(if it comes) to make up my mind ….since I am currently using the Motorola S9 (Wireless Music via Bluetooth) & I still rate it higher !



Ref :
Techtree.com Review
Cnet.com Review

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