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Our World’s Future

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”
– Bilbo Baggins in LOTR : Fellowship of the Ring

I consider life to be a complex play & I am extremely curious about its story. Fortunately or unfortunately, its shrouded in the mist of the future. That does make life more interesting doesn’t it ? 🙂

The future has been a subject of speculation for ages. Religious texts all over the world contain prophecies for the future. Nostradamus’s work Les Propheties(1555) is frequently quoted even now. Who can forget the late Octopus Paul’s predictions about the immediate future of the Football World Cup ? 😛

My first views of the future were influenced by watching Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek Series (started in 1966) back in the 90s. It was a brilliant depiction of a possible future. In it, mankind reaches a new level of technological progress prompting a new species to contact it. This unites all of mankind to move towards the common goal of progress & exploration.

We face many challenges like pollution, over population & its effects on the planet, strife, terrorism,Unequal distribution of financial resources etc. Only an united effort towards the spread of education & development can lead to a solution. In such troubled times where people are fighting against each other in the name of religion & race, any possibility which can unite us all is a wonderful thought.

Currently we face 2 possible scenarios :

  1. A doomed future ravaged by war & strife as depicted in ‘The Dark Tower’ series (1982) of Stephen King or even in the ‘Terminator Series’ (1984).
  2. A progressive future in which man has learned to coexist with each other & all our efforts are directed towards development.

In my opinion, Isaac Asimov’s ‘Foundation Series‘ (1939) is the best futuristic tale I have read. It encompasses both scenarios (destruction as a form of creation) leading eventually to humanity’s progress.

One can’t say which path we will take. Its something only time will tell. But we will do well to remember that our current actions will decide the fate of our future.

The past can’t see you, but the future is listening.
– Terri Guillemets (creator of The Quote Garden)

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Do we need Super Heroes ?

“A hero has faced it all: he need not be undefeated, but he must be undaunted.”

As children, we are often encouraged to have role models. With the advent of television, toys & comics , we inadvertently make early contact with the stories & adventures of super heroes.
We learn about the 2 groups – the good guys & the bad guys. Since the super hero fights against the bad guys & always wins, he gets our support & we look forward to more exposure to his adventures.

As we grow older, many of us continue to be hooked onto them….Just see the moolah being made by super hero movies. But the reasons aren’t as simple now. We have more experience now & our intelligence has grown proportionately. We learn about the beginnings of our super heroes…all of them have a tragic past (even IronMan !).

We develop sympathy for them since in spite of such a background, they continue to fight the good fight….they stand firm against all odds…they stand unwavering for their beliefs.
(Side Note : I think this explains why in my childhood, I liked the invincible Super Man the most…while the tragedy ridden night time crusader Batman is the best for me now :P)

So the question being discussed is : Do we need Super Heroes ?

At least for us,their presence in the fictional world, my answer is Yes.
True they raise the barrier of normal life to supernatural heights…making normal life boring for some (pointing @ the comic guy in ‘The Simpsons’).
But the qualities & values they stand for more than make up for everything. Standing for your beliefs against all odds & following the righteous path are qualities which everyone should try to inculcate in them…the world would be a much better place then 🙂 .

I wouldn’t mind having super heroes in the real world too….even someone as irritating as IronMan did do a splendid job fighting terrorists @ Afghanistan 😛

Seriously speaking, the human race is dealing with a lot of problems like Population growth, Pollution, War etc . No solution seems to be at hand. If humans cant find the way then who can?

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World’s Greatest Mysteries

Mystery Seekers 
The cry fills the air ‘ideas such as these…pray dont waste my time’
‘I have much work to do …while I am still in my prime.’
But there are amongst us those…
whose desire to discover forever grows.
Life is filled with mysteries for them
No question is too boring to condemn.
One can see the spark in their eyes
As they set out without many allies
To find the answers which few can find
They are the ones making true use of the mind !

Questions are meant to be answered. Thats 1 of my strongest beliefs. But what about those which have puzzled us for ages ? While finding answers to them might not be possible in my lifetime, I thought merely looking into the questions would be very interesting to say the least !

  1. The ‘God’ Question
  2. Image Orig Src: Link
    • Undoubtedly the biggest debate of them all.
    • Besides the fight between believers & atheists, things are complicated further by the assertions of different religions regarding the nature & form of God.
    • With the populace already divided among the different religions & factions, there seems no end to this debate.
    • Other Unanswered questions are linked to this 1 :

      • How was the world born ?
      • Is there a thing like destiny ?
  3. What happens after we die?
  4. Image Orig Src: Link
    • This is 1 question which science finds hard to investigate.
    • While there have been claims that people saw ‘the light’ or saw themselves rise above their own bodies or remained paralyzed for sometime before being resuscitated, nothing has been proved for sure.
    • What happens after that? Well from those before us, we have theories involving the concept of the soul like Rebirth, Return to the Maker while Science doesn’t believe in the existence of the soul.
    • Other linked questions are :
      • Do ghosts exist?
  5. Are we alone?
  6. Image Orig Src: Link
    • Man has always looked at the stars with an unquenchable thirst for answers. But most of them remain unanswered.
    • A number of questions are linked to this one :
      Are we alone? If not then are we being watched? Is Earth the only planet of its kind ? If yes then how will this 1 planet handle our ever increasing population?
    • A number of conspiracy theories involving the US Government are floating around like the ‘Roswell’ Incident.
    • Science is working overtime to solve this 1. As we speak, there are many telescopes trained at space ….giant antennas trying to send waves out there hoping to get across some kind of message to anyone who is listening.
    • I agree with the ‘X Files‘ line :’The truth is out there”
  7. Oceans-What lies beneath?
  8. Image Orig Src: Link
    • While many people were hooked on to the ‘Star Trek’ line : ‘Space – The final frontier’, the vast unexplored territories beneath our oceans were overlooked.
    • From the 5 questions, this seems to be the 1 which Science will surely answer but after quite a bit of time.
    • If you keep track of the news, almost regularly you will see some news of a new species being discovered in our oceans. So the search is truly on!
    • Oceanic Adventurism has some beautiful stories of its own like the Lost city of Atlantis, The Bermuda Triangle (whats sinking the ships around it…magnetic disturbances?a deep sea monster?never ending storms?) , the Loch Ness Monster (ok its supposed to be in a lake…but still its a great story :P)
  9. What about the Future?
  10. Image Orig Src: Link
    • A question which everyone is curious about for sure!
    • Futuristic movies/serials have encouraged further speculation in this regard.
    • Related questions :
      • Will we solve the power crisis?
      • Will world peace ever be achieved?
      • Will we solve the hunger problem?
      • Will The human species be wiped out by Global Warming?
      • How will our future cities look?
      • Will science have eliminated illnesses like AIDS,Cancer?
      • What new technology will have changed the face of the world by then?

      The list is endless !!!

Ref : : Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries
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World’s Most Popular Sports

This blog entry took a long time to compile….but was forced to write it….there are way too many misleading articles out there 😦 .
I had a simple question :’Which are the World’s Most Popular Sports?’…but the Net had way 2 many unbelievable answers !

Sample this :

The Football World Cup attracts 36 billion viewers. Umm…The world population is abt 6.7 Billion.(currently 6,706,993,152)
Basketball is the second most popular sport in the World. Sorry..but it doesnt figure in the Top 5….
F1 Racing has the highest viewership rating compared to every other sport in the World. Very Ambitious thought…

The problem is that the media lists the potential viewership rather than any actual figures…that explains the highly distorted figures out there…see this fantastic article abt it :
The Numbers Guy Report – Media Distortion of Viewership Numbers

Some points to be considered before reading ahead :

  • Its a modification of a Top Sports list I found which I tweaked to make it more accurate.
  • From the 6.5 Billion populace, 2.8B live below the poverty line. Also 250M are kids below the age of 2. That leaves us with 3.5B potential sports followers.
  • The USA has a population of only 300M.
  • China(1.3B) & India(1.2B) are the most populous nations in the world. Sports followed by them will naturally have a high standing.


  1. Football :
  2. Image Orig Src: Link
    Followers : Around 3 Billion Fans.
    Places : Most Places
  3. Cricket :
  4. Image Orig Src: Link
    Followers : Around 2 Billion Fans.
    Places : Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia
  5. Field Hockey :
  6. Image Orig Src: Link
    Followers : 1.5 Billion Fans.
    Places : Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia
  7. Tennis :
  8. Image Orig Src: Link
    Followers : Around 1 Billion Fans.
    Places : Europe, Americas, Asia
  9. Volleyball :
  10. Image Orig Src: Link
    Followers : Around 900 Million Fans.
    Places : Asia, Erope, Americas, Australia
  11. Table Tennis:
  12. Image Orig Src: Link
    Followers : Around 900 Million Fans.
    Places : Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas
  13. Rugby Union:
  14. Image Orig Src: Link
    Followers : Not more than 400 Million Fans.
    Places : South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia,
    USA & many countries in Europe.
  15. Baseball:
  16. Image Orig Src: Link
    Followers : Around 300 Million Fans.
    Places : U.S, Japan, Cuba, Dom rep
  17. Basketball :
  18. Image Orig Src: Link
    Followers : Around 300M Fans.
    Places : U.S, Canada,China
  19. American Football (Gridiron) :
  20. Image Orig Src: Link
    Followers : Not more than 250 Million Fans.
    Places : U.S mainly

Ref :
CIA Library – Countrywise Population
UN Population Report
Google Insights : A different way to view stats
Anyone Watching Golf?

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Dec 21 2012 : Doomsday ?

11.11pm Dec 21,2012 thats when the world as we know it will meet its end folks…….thats what certain prophecies would want us to believe !

Amazingly, a number of historical prophecies…right from the Mayan civilization to the I Ching have arrived on this distinct date…….Hollywood is nervous folks….they arent taking any chances …they are releasing their new movie ‘2012‘(see poster above) almost 3 years before the infamous date ! 😛

I went through some interesting data regarding this 2012 phenomenon. I have presented both sides…for as well as against. One can choose which side to believe.
A summary of what I discovered :

(1) The Mayan Theory :


Supporters :
The time obsessed Mayans were supposed to be very precise at the art of predicting lunar,solar & planetary cycles. Their calendar is supposed to end on this particular date when the Galactic Alignment of the Sun,Earth & the center of the Milky Way occurs. Its theorized that a calamity will strike the Earth during this time.
Critics :
The Mayan calendars are supposed to be cyclic thus indicating the continuance of life. Instead some significant change is expected.


(2).The Polar Shift Theory :

Supporters :
As the Sun reaches the end of its sunspot cycle, an intense Solar Storm is expected(announced by NASA) which will amplify the effects of the magnetic field on Earth spurring a reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field which will cause unimaginable calamities.
Critics :
NASA has only predicted the Solar Storm…not its so called effects on Earth. Besides a stronger solar storm had occured on the SUN in 1958 …yet we are all still standing !

(3)The Planet Eris/X/Nibiru Theory:

Supporters :
The real cause of climate changes, volcanic activities, and intensification of the seismic activity etc. is the planet Eris’s getting closer to our solar system once in 3600 years which ultimately results in the melting of the glaciers. Its supposed to be responsible for the cataclysm ‘Noah’s Flood’ & is expected to return in 2012.
Critics :
Senior Scientist David Morrison of NASA has officially stated that the whole thing is a hoax which has existed for a long time. Nibiru does not exist. A dwarf planet Eric does exist but its orbit is nowhere near the Earth.
(view his statement at : Official NASA Statement )

(4) The I Ching Theory :

Supporters :
The Chinese ‘Text’ Oracle of the “I Ching” has accurately pointed to the fall of the Roman empire, discover of the new world, and world wars of the 20th century via its graphs. Now The highs and lows of the I Ching graphs are pointing to some major calamity in Dec 2012.
Critics :
There are many highs & lows of the graph which have passed without any problems. The ones to have been mapped to accurate events have been done AFTER the events passed !

(5)The Web Bots Prediction :

Supporters :
The Web Bots Project which could predict the movements of the stock market has predicted a series of events resulting in a major cataclysm in 2012.
Critics :
The Web-bot’s data pool is limited to what is being discussed on the Internet. The 2012 doomsday predictions have been made by it due to ‘End of the world’ alarmists are flooding the Internet with tons of information regarding 2012.

Science doesnt support or discard any theory unless there is sustainable evidence to back it up & not just mere speculation.
As per records more than 200 predictions have been made about the End of the World (Link : List of Doom days)…yet we still exist.

The 1 worry is the reoccurring of an event like the Heaven’s Gate incident where the cult committed mass suicide due to the appearance of the Hale Bopp Comet in 1997. (Link : Heaven’s Gate ).
Hope there are no such incidents ahead & people follow logic instead of blindly following their beliefs.

Ref :
NASA Solar Storm Prediction
Fox News Debate

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