World’s Greatest Mysteries

Mystery Seekers  The cry fills the air 'ideas such as these...pray dont waste my time' 'I have much work to do ...while I am still in my prime.' But there are amongst us those... whose desire to discover forever grows. Life is filled with mysteries for them No question is too boring to condemn. One … Continue reading World’s Greatest Mysteries

World’s Most Popular Sports

This blog entry took a long time to compile....but was forced to write it....there are way too many misleading articles out there 😦 . I had a simple question :'Which are the World's Most Popular Sports?'...but the Net had way 2 many unbelievable answers ! Sample this : Myth Truth The Football World Cup attracts … Continue reading World’s Most Popular Sports

Dec 21 2012 : Doomsday ?

  11.11pm Dec 21,2012 thats when the world as we know it will meet its end folks.......thats what certain prophecies would want us to believe ! Amazingly, a number of historical prophecies...right from the Mayan civilization to the I Ching have arrived on this distinct date.......Hollywood is nervous folks....they arent taking any chances ...they are … Continue reading Dec 21 2012 : Doomsday ?