Exam Fever !

If you got nervous after you read the title, I wont blame you...honest ! Most memories concerning examinations involve moments like : Leaving out some parts of the subject...& then someone's declaration that he/she is sure that part is gonna come...sigh....last minute cramming time ! 😕 Last minute stressful revisions. Watching your friend make chits … Continue reading Exam Fever !

The Blood Donation Guide

Its the begining of the year 2010...As per the Chinese Zodiac we are nearing the end of the Year of the Ox...to be succeeded by the Tiger (from Feb 14). Blood donation is a noble generous act.....something which I always approved but never participated in.....I think the fear of the needle held me back. As … Continue reading The Blood Donation Guide

World Famous Reality Shows

Reality shows have become the talk of the town. Moving away from cliched daily soaps, they have become a wonderful alternative for TV viewers. They have crossed over to reach the global populace ignoring boundaries of every country. This blog entry is dedicated to Reality Shows (only the competition based ones for now). American Idol … Continue reading World Famous Reality Shows