Friends of mine always complaint that I don’t stay in touch with them. I agree wholeheartedly with them. Just 1 short mesg to them – “Things won’t change” 😛

I always found it uncomfortable speaking with an old friend (like some1 from my school) over the phone for the 1st time after a decade. But pinging him on a social networking site like Facebook isn’t that difficult. His/her current status updates or basic background details are good starting points to get a conversation going. Commenting on your friend’s status updates are another way of ensuring you remain in touch…the flow of communication & sharing of thoughts possible with just a single line !

But I haven’t written this entry to heap praises on the power of the Internet (Oh 1 more : Sharing this blog is also possible thx to the net…All hail thee !).

I have always preferred meeting people face to face rather than talking to them on the phone or chatting with them over the net.

My choices were further encouraged over the last month or so when I had to invite people for my brother’s wedding. I had a whole lot of relatives & friends who resided in the same city as me. People who I didn’t know existed (“Out of sight out of mind” + absence of any documented family trees :-/ ).

I could have invited them over the phone or via an invitation card (snail mail or email). But somehow I wanted to meet them. I wanted to meet them all in their surroundings where I could give time to each & every1 of them & get to know them better.

Thats where the beauty of meeting a person came out. Eye to eye contact ..maybe a firm handshake & a smile to accompany it. Talk about the past, the present ..the future..the surroundings…your likes…dislikes. All whilst ensuring the conversation remains interesting by observing the body language of the person. All this isn’t possible on the phone….nor is it possible over a video conference. Truly Nothing can replace this.

Thats why I like visiting new places or places which I haven’t visited for a while. No person remains the same over time. Time changes everyone.
When you revisit places & people, you will always gain new knowledge, new insights & enrich your experience further.

Going back to the start : Friends & relatives alike – I’d rather meet you than talk to you. So if I am in the neighbourhood, I will be meeting you. Or drop me a line if you are nearby. Lets meet !

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