What a weekend ! As I write this little entry, I am damn excited about the Cricket World Cup which will be starting in an hour 😀 .
Like the old days, I think the streets will be emptier again…with people hooked onto the matches involving their favourite teams.

Add your own competition to the mix & it gets even more exciting.
I enrolled myself in theESPN Cricinfo Fantasy League competition. It makes for a superb platform to play alongside the pros as well as your own friends with whom you can setup your own private leagues.

As always, I have kept my computer ready for the multi-tasking to be done during the match with an addon to keep track of whats going on (if I am not near the TV). It should be helpful for those who are unlucky enough to have office policies in which all cricket sites are blocked 😦 .

Chrome Addon : ESPN Cricinfo
Firefox Addons : ESPN Cricinfo , CMDN.com

Also got a great World Cup schedule pic as my wallpaper :

I am glad that ESPN – Star Sports are the broadcasters this time. The other channels always tend to irritate the viewers with TV ads placed right on the pitch :-/

Lastly my own thoughts on the Cricket World Cup :
I hope India wins it. It will be Sachin’s last world cup & the team’s desire to achieve it for the country & for him is touching indeed.
If not, then its time to immerse myself more in the ESPN cricket competition 😛

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