One more revolution around the fiery sun….A New Year – 2011 : the Year of the Golden Rabbit (Chinese Zodiac) 🙂

For me, the best thing of a new year is the fresh clean slate it offers. The time of beginnings…of new resolutions…of new opportunities…of new chances.
If you ever analyze the best moments of your life you can probably see a pattern. The most memorable moments have probably been those in which you either did something really different & managed to surprise even yourself. You left your comfort zone & ventured out into the unknown.
Experiences such as this enrich life & make it a worthwhile journey.

A New Year serves as a Pit Stop on the journey of life – a point where one can re-evaluate one’s goals & get set for a new strong innings.
I made my resolutions. New things are lined up on my road starting this very week. Can’t wait to travel alongside it 😀 .

Btw the New Year is also a good time to view the ‘Sunscreen Song’ video. Its one of my all time favourite feel good songs ^_^. It kinda paints the big picture of life in just about the right way !

On a side note – its an exciting year ahead even if you just view the event calendar !
For cricket buffs – with an event like the Cricket World Cup scheduled right at the beginning of the year, we can expect some fantastic fireworks ahead !

Heres to a brilliant year ahead !

3 thoughts on “2011 – An Exciting Year Ahead !

  1. You left your comfort zone & ventured out into the unknown ……

    Did u even try once, going off ur comfort zone ?????????????


    1. It basically means doing something different. Something which you haven’t done before. The level of variance can be anything as long as it isn’t 0. As you do know, I am starting the year with a new plan & its in motion already ^_^

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