Its the end of the year 2010 & its been given a grand send off with the beautiful festival of Christmas !
As a child , Christmas was my favourite festival & it still is. Unlike most other festivals, its peaceful & the theme of joy,harmony & compassion remain central to it.

In my childhood days, I had no inkling of the relation between Christ & Christmas. Santa Claus was the single symbol of Christmas for me. I actually used to wonder as to why the US & UK were the only ones visited by Santa 😦

ps : On a side note, do check out the Santa Tracker made by Google & NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) . We finally have the technology to track Santa 😛

I love the way people celebrate it. Right from the prayer gathering on Xmas eve (Midnight Mass) to the singing of melodious carols to the concept of the gifts around the Xmas tree.

I personally felt the spirit of Christmas only when I read Charles Dickens’ famous novella – A Christmas Carol. It is such a beautiful tale with lessons worth learning.
I also love another cartoon which I had seen ages ago – It was based on Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas! . The portrayal of the Grinch was so good that you can’t help like but like the character’s mischievous evil nature. His transformation to a warm kind person thus exemplifying the Xmas spirit is the highlight of the story 🙂 .

After a novel & a TV show, the only media source remaining is a movie. Thats where the ‘Home Alone’ series(1&2) comes in. The movie revolves around the adventures of a lonely Kevin McCallister separated from his family. Both the movies end right about at Xmas with a warm happy reunion of sorts.

Its great that Xmas is located right at the end of the year. It ensures a a joyous farewell to the year almost gone & a warm welcome to the upcoming year .

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