I enjoy watching movies which make one think. If you keep thinking of the ramifications of the story even ages after viewing the movie, then you know its a special story.
I decided to list out 5 of my favourite movies whose concepts remain in my thoughts. Hope I see more such movies & get to add to this list.

  1. The Man from Earth

  2. Story : The entire movie revolves around a conversation of a group with 1 of them claiming that he is a immortal man & has been living for ages.
    My view : The entire conversation is unexpectedly riveting & intellectually stimulating with topics from history to biology to religion being touched.The story is the main driving factor in this movie & 1 can’t help but imagine how things would be if the theories proposed are proved.

  3. The Matrix

  4. Story : The struggle of humanity whose populace unknowingly lives in the make believe world of the Matrix controlled by the machines.
    My View: Aided by a strong storyline & path breaking action scenes, it drives its inspiration from various religious texts around the world. While some of us can’t stop thinking of the painful depiction of the future (a doomed ecosystem, a severe resource crunch, a never ending conflict) , the rest of us are probably trying to sense a feeling of dejavu to catch the glitch in the ‘matrix’ possibly around us ^_^.

  5. Inception

  6. Story : A fast paced mission completion story in a world where dreams can be customized & invaded by others.
    My View : Like the Matrix, this movie questions the reality of the world around us. With the present craze of addictive online games, role playing in a customized dream world could be a future craze to escape the real world if we ever harness such a technology.
    ps : Don’t forget to retain your totem !

  7. The Truman Show

  8. Story : The story of an ignorant Truman Burbank whose life is a never ending popular TV show.
    My View: It was a very well thought movie which examined the extent to how commercial our lives can get. At some point in time, everyone of us has thought of ourselves as the center of the world . Well this movie brings back that feeling again ๐Ÿ˜€ .

  9. Gattaca

  10. Story : The story involves the future where people are judged by their genes & a lone man’s struggle to prove himself.
    My View : I find the story quite believable considering the advancements made by medical science. As our dependence on technology rises, there will be surely situations where the question of the righteousness of a decision taken on the basis of a method or algorithm be questioned. Was the decision right ? Has everything been taken into consideration? Can we absolutely sure? Points such as these was raised in the movie where the unknown factor of the human spirit fought against the genetic bias of society.

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2 thoughts on “Conceptually Brilliant Movies

  1. I stumbled onto your page looking for others talking about superheroes, and stayed to look at your movie choices. I never saw The Man from Earth but have seen the others. I find it interesting that four of them revolve around the idea of sudden revelations on the true nature of the character’s worlds. And I agree with you 100% on Gattaca; I think it’s one of the most thoughtful science-ficiton movies of all time.

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