Why The ZEND PHP Certification ?

  1. I like learning. Nothing like an exam to make one explore the depth of a subject.
  2. A certification helps in asserting a neutral organization’s opinion about how good your knowledge is. If I had to test my knowledge in a certification exam , it had to be PHP since I have been working with it for quite some time.
  3. I thought the ZCE Logo would look good on my papers 😛

Study Material

  • PHP Architects ZEND PHP 5 Study guide PDF.
  • PHP Architects Zend PHP Certification Practice Test Book PDF (its for PHP 4 but contains some very good questions).


  • I prepared my own short notes from the Study Guide which contained the important stuff from each chapter.
  • The Study Guide mentions lots of stuff……but I never took any line by its face value. I tested each functionality myself as I read it. Since the books contains quite a few mistakes, its best to try it out yourself.

Exam Experience

  • Its not permitted to reveal the questions of the exam so I shall only comment in general on it.
  • The exam wasn’t easy. Why? Imagine this – You learn how the concept A works. then you learn about concept B. The exam has questions that require the output if both concepts A & B are used together !
  • I was done with the exam in an hour. I went through the questions (the doubtful ones) which I had marked for review for the remaining 30 min.
  • I was ready for another week of studying & another attempt at this exam when I was pleasantly surprised by the ‘Congratulations’ message 🙂

Lessons Learn’t

  • You can be aware of a number of such complex scenarios of PHP if you encountered them while working on some project involving PHP. I was…& it helped a lot.
  • Its apparent that a curious person must have had a hand in creating the database of questions since only such a person would think of the consequences of mixing different concepts with each other. I am curious by nature…& my frequent trials of concepts helped me.
  • I only wish I had gone through the string, array & stream functions listed in php.net site. That would have reduced the tense moments I had during the exam. I was so enamoured by XML, that I spent a lot of time on it. It didn’t help me in the exam but it did make me a big fan of XML :D.
  • All in all , It was a good exam. I was a little unsure of about 50% of the questions. My reaction to some questions was : ‘Oh..thats a different way to look at things ❗ ‘ .After the exam, I cleared those doubts using my trusty comp.
  • It was nice to learn something new. That is how an exam should be. It should challenge your boundaries of knowledge & also encourage you to learn more. Thank You ZEND. We shall probably meet again after PHP 6 🙂

Update :
Though the site gives you a time frame of 8 weeks, the ZEND Certificate (hard copy) reached me in only 2 weeks !


5 thoughts on “ZEND Certified PHP 5 Engineer – Thats Me !

  1. Dude Congrats … Even i am thinking about taking the Zend Certification , although i am fairly new to the framework and lack real time project experience. But i hope to join the club soon. Cheers … 🙂

  2. hi,
    i am new to programming and php…i want to learn php and take this exam..what is your advice for me?
    how much time it will take for people like me to pass this exam?
    i can spare 4hrs/day for this.
    i can’t memorize things, before memorizing must have to understand concept …which book you suggest?

    1. Get hold of the 2 ebooks I mentioned & once you are comfortable with the material there , you can think of attempting the exam.
      I also advise you to practice every concept since practical experience forms a significant chunk of the exam.

  3. Hey rohit congrats to be zend certified and Well I am also trying to go for it soon…Can u tell me the procedure or reference about zend certification. Thankyou. Keep going.

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