If you got nervous after you read the title, I wont blame you…honest !

Most memories concerning examinations involve moments like :

  • Leaving out some parts of the subject…& then someone’s declaration that he/she is sure that part is gonna come…sigh….last minute cramming time ! πŸ˜•
  • Last minute stressful revisions.
  • Watching your friend make chits for himself & survive to tell the tale later ! 😯

I remember being calm before exams of subjects I loved (subjects involving logic at its purest form – programming,maths) probably because I wasn’t afraid of being tested here.
I used to be tense for exams of subjects which I disliked…subjects in which I had no interest….but I had to learn simply since its there in the curriculum. I am not talking of subjects like philosophy or economics….those are needed to understand the world….I am talking of subjects dealing with a specific narrow line of work…subjects which require the student to remember huge chunks of data ! 😑
Anyway….I managed to hold on to my sanity……I survived ! πŸ™„

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Looking back I wish the focus of our education system was more on the children gaining knowledge…understanding the nature of the world around them ….rather than their performance in the rat race.

I love to read about places where a person is graded via constant evaluations over a period of time over a range of activities & subjects.
I didn’t have the luck to go through such a system but I feel glad to know that such places do exist.

Btw I am not afraid of exams…..I still give exams….but on my own accord…for certifications… to test my knowledge of subjects which I love ….& I believe I am doing well πŸ™‚

The below cartoon is 1 of my fav ones…Calvin showing another form of his intelligence….something which won’t be appreciated by the authorities for sure πŸ˜›

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