On the 5th of April 2010, I had a dream in which I was writing poetry. I started after that 😐

Time the Unstoppable….Time the Unconquerable….one can come up with so many names for Father Time. He remains the one constant in our world. During our best times, we wish time would remain still…or during our worst times, we wish this moment would be over fast…but we never get our wishes granted now do we?
As such, I thought a poem to Father Time would be a good way to express myself about this great phenomenon.

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Rohit‘s Poetry.

Time : The Great Leveler

He is respected by all
Be it the beggars house or the King’s Hall.
There are few who ignore him
Chances of them succeeding are often slim.
Emotions flow when his name is invoked
Fear, love, sadness, joy are a few which are uncloaked.

He is widely known as the strongest force
His legendary walk is part of a never ending course.
Calls for stopping he never heeds
He ignores even the one who passionately pleads.

Science has always thought of enslaving him
The tireless walker is he, never caring for any such whim.
Calendars & Clocks..thats how he has been observed
Even the Gods fear him….No master has he ever served.
Man keeps trying to extend his life… to share Time’s curse
Immortality they desire…He wonders what could be worse?

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