Mystery Seekers 
The cry fills the air ‘ideas such as these…pray dont waste my time’
‘I have much work to do …while I am still in my prime.’
But there are amongst us those…
whose desire to discover forever grows.
Life is filled with mysteries for them
No question is too boring to condemn.
One can see the spark in their eyes
As they set out without many allies
To find the answers which few can find
They are the ones making true use of the mind !

Questions are meant to be answered. Thats 1 of my strongest beliefs. But what about those which have puzzled us for ages ? While finding answers to them might not be possible in my lifetime, I thought merely looking into the questions would be very interesting to say the least !

  1. The ‘God’ Question
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    • Undoubtedly the biggest debate of them all.
    • Besides the fight between believers & atheists, things are complicated further by the assertions of different religions regarding the nature & form of God.
    • With the populace already divided among the different religions & factions, there seems no end to this debate.
    • Other Unanswered questions are linked to this 1 :

      • How was the world born ?
      • Is there a thing like destiny ?
  3. What happens after we die?
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    • This is 1 question which science finds hard to investigate.
    • While there have been claims that people saw ‘the light’ or saw themselves rise above their own bodies or remained paralyzed for sometime before being resuscitated, nothing has been proved for sure.
    • What happens after that? Well from those before us, we have theories involving the concept of the soul like Rebirth, Return to the Maker while Science doesn’t believe in the existence of the soul.
    • Other linked questions are :
      • Do ghosts exist?
  5. Are we alone?
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    • Man has always looked at the stars with an unquenchable thirst for answers. But most of them remain unanswered.
    • A number of questions are linked to this one :
      Are we alone? If not then are we being watched? Is Earth the only planet of its kind ? If yes then how will this 1 planet handle our ever increasing population?
    • A number of conspiracy theories involving the US Government are floating around like the ‘Roswell’ Incident.
    • Science is working overtime to solve this 1. As we speak, there are many telescopes trained at space ….giant antennas trying to send waves out there hoping to get across some kind of message to anyone who is listening.
    • I agree with the ‘X Files‘ line :’The truth is out there”
  7. Oceans-What lies beneath?
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    • While many people were hooked on to the ‘Star Trek’ line : ‘Space – The final frontier’, the vast unexplored territories beneath our oceans were overlooked.
    • From the 5 questions, this seems to be the 1 which Science will surely answer but after quite a bit of time.
    • If you keep track of the news, almost regularly you will see some news of a new species being discovered in our oceans. So the search is truly on!
    • Oceanic Adventurism has some beautiful stories of its own like the Lost city of Atlantis, The Bermuda Triangle (whats sinking the ships around it…magnetic disturbances?a deep sea monster?never ending storms?) , the Loch Ness Monster (ok its supposed to be in a lake…but still its a great story :P)
  9. What about the Future?
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    • A question which everyone is curious about for sure!
    • Futuristic movies/serials have encouraged further speculation in this regard.
    • Related questions :
      • Will we solve the power crisis?
      • Will world peace ever be achieved?
      • Will we solve the hunger problem?
      • Will The human species be wiped out by Global Warming?
      • How will our future cities look?
      • Will science have eliminated illnesses like AIDS,Cancer?
      • What new technology will have changed the face of the world by then?

      The list is endless !!!

Ref : : Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries
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2 thoughts on “World’s Greatest Mysteries

  1. “To find the answers which few can find
    They are the ones making true use of the mind ”

    lovely lines Rohit! Bravo. This deserves a special page.

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