On the 5th of April 2010, I had a dream in which I was writing poetry. I started after that šŸ˜

I started reading novels at a young age…& most of those novels were mystery novels. I used to love the way the detectives would notice even the most subtle things around them. Their curiosity turned out to be infectious & I too began questioning the things around me which eventually resulted in this blog too ^_^ .

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Rohit‘s Poetry.

Mystery Seekers
The cry fills the air ‘ideas such as these…pray dont waste my time’
‘I have much work to do …while I am still in my prime.’
But there are amongst us those…
whose desire to discover forever grows.
Life is filled with mysteries for them
No question is too boring to condemn.
One can see the spark in their eyes
As they set out without many allies
To find the answers which few can find
They are the ones making true use of the mind !


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